Customer Behaviour Analysis


Decipher your customers’ online behavior

Trouble reading customers’ behavior? Bogged down by inconsistency and complexity? Use Greyferret to zero in on your customers’ online behavior.

  • Seamlessly collate customer behavior information
  • Transform raw customer data into behavioral insights
  • View your customers’ recency, frequency and monetary contributions to your store
  • Simplify behavioral analysis and customer intelligence using prebuilt segments
  • Accurately fine tune RFM scales and values


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Create custom segments

Drop your ‘one size fits all’ approach to customer analysis. Use Greyferret to

  • To construct custom segments based on unique behavior
  • Leverage over 50 demographic, online behavior and marketing engagement attributes out of the box
  • Export as standalone intelligence or power your marketing platforms



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Follow customer evolution

Watch the effect of your marketing on your customers, in real time. Follow your customers’ evolution across the lifecycle using Greyferret’s Lifecycle Tracker.

  • Find out the number of customers in each stage of the lifecycle at any point in time
  • Learn what customers deserve what level of attention
  • Manage your customer relationships to fruition at each turn
  • Develop the ideal next best action strategy


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