About Greyferret

Greyferret is a Marketing Analytics SaaS (Software as a Service) platform which is hosted on the cloud. It leverages cloud computing capabilities of AWS and Azure platforms


Seamlessly connect to and mine online customers’ data from popular ecommerce platforms.

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Unearth and understand the trends relating to the What, Why and How of online purchase and customer engagement behavior.

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Steer personalized, one to one marketing campaigns across email, mobile and web to influence positive customer actions.

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Online Customer Behavior Uncovered

Go deeper and get better at understanding how customers behave online.

Better Customer Lifecycle Management

Follow customer progression and influence the right positive outcomes at just the right moment.

Next Best Marketing Actions

Know what customers want even before they do

Multi-Channel Marketing Intelligence

Personalized, omni-channel marketing experiences using insights generated from web, mobile and email.


Higher Conversion Rates

Generate improved marketing ROI with the right actions at the right time.

Multi-Platform Compatibility

Connectivity ensured no matter what ecommerce or marketing platform in use.


Find greyferret at: query@greyferret.com