Greyferret is a marketing intelligence platform that uses ecommerce customer data to construct customer behavioral insights and drive highly tailored marketing programs at online customers. Greyferret provides technical and advisory services to ecommerce marketers using which they can leverage insights and intelligence from the platform , accurately segment customers, map customer journeys, predict customer preferences and seamlessly enable the most apt next best marketing action.




Greyferret offers out of the box connectivity with popular ecommerce and marketing platforms. Greyferret tunnels into ecommerce data to extract information relating customer purchase and email engagement behavior including recency of purchases and email opens, frequency of purchases and email clicks and monetary values of purchases.


  • eCommerce integration – BigCommerce, Magento and Shopify
  • Customer Purchase Behavioral Data – Recency, Frequency and Monetary values.
  • Customer Engagement Behavioral Data – Recency and Frequency values




Greyferret’s intelligence algorithms analyze customer purchase and engagement data to high degrees of granularity to uncover insights related to customer online behavior. Greyferret equips marketers with a formidable set of analyses and intelligence that can define and segment the base of online customers. Greyferret’s Customer Lifecycle Journey and Spend Projection Intelligence provide a fully rounded suite of analytic functionalities that open up new perspectives on customer behavior.


  • Recency, Frequency and Monetary (RFM Analysis) of Online Purchase and Engagement
  • Online Customer Segmentation (Pre-defined and custom)
  • 50+ Segment Attributes
  • Customer Lifecycle Journey Mapping
  • Customer Spend (Lifetime Value) Projections



Greyferret helps turn behavioral insights into executable marketing actions that in turn drive successful marketing campaigns. Greyferret provides predictive cross selling intelligence allowing marketers to create a highly tailored and accurate cocktail of product recommendations and customer segments that result in the highest successes. Seamless integration with popular marketing platforms enables highly streamlined push of campaigns across multiple channels.


  • Cross Sell Tactics Builder
  • Product and Segment Recommendation Engine
  • Marketing Platform Integration
  • Multichannel closed loop campaigns across Email, Mobile and Web
  • Cross Sell, Retention, Win-back, Loyalty Campaigns and more


Find greyferret at: query@greyferret.com