Predictive Cross Selling

Know what to sell

Thrive in the dynamicity of customer behavior using Greyferret’s Predictive Cross Sell Engine. Use Greyferret to


  • Develop innovative, predictive cross sell strategies
  • Map segments to future product purchases using affinity and historical behavior
  • Automate product recommendations using Market Basket Analysis and Generalized Linear Modelling
  • Choose to export as insights or close the loop with your Marketing Platforms
  • Remove Complexity - Replace with Actionable and Empirical Insights



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Know whom to sell to

Knowing your product lines is good. Knowing which of your customers want to buy them is even better. Use Greyferret to


  • Rapidly cross reference customer behavior with product categories
  • Predict the apt target audience for the respective product categories
  • Run personalized outreach campaigns
  • Remove the ambiguity and intuition out of cross selling



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