Data Architectural Approach to Tweaking the Campaign Build Process

  • 01 Jun 2015
  • Posted by Anand Sambasivam

The Data Model per se, is a critical element in performance management not just for marketing platforms but any enterprise application that is data driven. No Surprise, that this is possibly the least focused on area on Marketing platforms. A detailed analysis of Marketing db structures is really out of scope here, but let it suffice to say that some MSPs  have standard data models that they force fit for all marketers, some have a degree of flexibility while some are 100% customizable. The standing caveat is of course, that more the flexibility, more the challenges specific to your marketing db. Remember Spiderman?? With great power comes great responsibility – meaning you and you lone are accountable for the design and performance of the monster you just created because the platform let you do so :)

The data structures around an Email Marketing database need to cater to the four sources of data that are used across a Campaign Build Process as shown in Fig.


The four sources of information need to rationalize from a data design perspective in order to expedite the Campaign Build Process and there is generally a contextual tradeoff between normalization and using wide columns views. There is a plethora of areas available to tweak and rationalize the structures that can provide high returns.  Some areas that that can directly benefit the campaign build process are listed below. Remember they are guidelines and you do need to have the capability to balance different needs and use cases to adopt the optimal design approach and do remember no db design in cast in stone.  It will continually evolve as business and customers change.